Najam-Ul-Hussain- Unsung Hero

“Jawani ki Hawa” & “Kapalkundala Later In Life” 


Mian NajamUddin was in the later stages of his life when his first wife, who was childless, died. Belonging to a well known Chiefs of Punjab familyand having substantial assets, He decided to marry a second time. Being a civil servant and as the City Magistrate Hoshiarpur, East Punjab, he opted for a lady of Iranian descent in the hope of having a heir to his vast estate.

Hoshiarpur, is a picturesque town nestling at the foot hills of Himalayas, east Punjab, and now a part of India. His joy knew no bounds, when his prayers were answered and he was blessed with a son on the 5th.of February, 1910 who he named Najam Ul Hussain.

On being transfered to Lahore as a city magistrate, Mian Najam Uddin , following family tradition, enrolled his son in Queen Mary Girls High School. Before long however,Tragedy struck and the father died when the boy was only five. Not only was the mother left with the the formidable task of upbringing single handedly, but also to guard him against the malicious intents of relatives who were out to get him out of the way, and usurp the property.

Undeterred by the odds and With unflinching determination this strong willed lady handled her responsibility bravely and made sure that the boy first finished High School and then went on to emnroll in Government College Lahore from where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction. Aspiring to be a lawer, he decided to go to Delhi and join the law college. There As a brilliant student as well as an oustanding sportsman, he topped the University in the first year of law, and also captained the cricket team before falling prey to a Hindu professors hatched conspiracy of not allowing him to appeari in the final exam on flimsy grounds. Money was not an issue as he had enough of it to lead a comfortable life without doing anything. The setback was more emotional as he wanted to attain prominence in a profession which thus far had been the realm of Hindus. No wonder, he felt totally dejected.

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